Friday, November 6, 2009

a blurb of thoughts...

OK so its been a total of 4 weeks since my type1 diabetes diagnoses. Weds., Nov 4 was the day I received the news, the test results from the thyroid uptake scan came back positive for Grave's Disease. Today I spent quite a bit of time researching about GD,and talking to a few ladies who either were familiar with thyroid problems. I am continually overwhelmed. I have 2 autoimmune diseases. Its sounds crazy to say but Whoa!
A blessing to share, I have tons of people around me who are trying to be supportive, that gives me comfort.
The things that continually run through my head are the negative. I HAVE to stop those thoughts and refresh with truth! "With GOD all things are possible." I find myself really wondering (with all the medical info on both diseases) hmmmm, what is God's purpose in this for me? Is my Faith really strong enough to hope for a true miracle of healing? Am I supposed to be broken through this, so I REALLY know whats its like to lean on my Saviour; to give up total control?
My life as a child wasn't easy. I always said I knew God had purpose because through my testimony I could connect and empathize with others. I became a Christian when I was 19, but I knew God was prevalent in my life long before that. It was at 19, I grasp the true concept of what being saved was, It was a RELATIONSHIP with my Jesus who was the blood that cleaned my sins so I could know God more! But even when I made Jesus the Lord of my life, I struggled with letting go of control of my life. We all do it, so I know I am not the only one. My God spoke to me a lot! I didn't understand it, but through my dreams he would show me things, i.e. {one of the most common one would be a HUGE wolf who would be stalking toward me in my house, razor sharp teeth, growling getting ready to attack, and I would be frozen in FEAR, backing away. Then suddenly it was like the Holy Spirit would tell me, NO Naomi, this is your house! I WASN"T going to let this wolf kill me of control me with fear, so I stand tall and move toward him shouting scripture and rebuking him. He would leave my house.} Moral is He was showing me not to let evil in my house and not to stand in FEAR but in VICTORY!
I say all that to not only share, but to remind myself, I have been praying for God to USE me for whatever will bring Glory, honor, light to HIM! And it has been my deepest desire to know God more, and to be completely dependent on Him. As much as my life was obstacle after obstacle, he carried me through it, and I feel this may be another light bulb flashing to give up control. GOSH its hard though.
The truth is it takes getting into his word, which I can neglect, to know our God more. I think everything is all apart of HIS master plan.
Good news, I am on my way to being Renewed and REVIVED.

So--until next time, Thank you for your prayers, advice, words of encouragement!


  1. Your pain is going to be someone else's gain. I know that sounds so weird but you are a life changer and God is using you more than you could ever imagine. I am so blessed that you are my friend! I love you!

  2. Naomi! God strategically placed you in my life. You have been with me during my toughest and scariest moments! I am here for you! I love you!


  3. I have been where you are with diabetes and I understand how difficult and frustrating it is and on top of it they just slam you with all this new information and life style you are not used to. Just know it will pass and you will be a stronger person for it. Come to my blog anytime if you have any questions or you could just read my diagnosis story. Also Happy diabetes awareness month