Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jack of All Trades, Master of nothing

Was over at Peanut butter and Jelly's Days blog and was inspired by what she is passionate about..Well I got the itch to do the same. I am extremely passionate about more then one thing. So I say I am a Jack of all trades, a Master of Nada.

I have noticed most of the things I am passionate about revolve around some form of Art. I love photography.

love to make jewelry

making crafty things like tutu's

I am passionate about cooking- I think? Well only maybe when its something I am proud of. :) I would love to paint-I have done some little stuff and maybe one day I can master that... I think cutting hair is an art..which I am also interested in. Writing is an Art.. I enjoy it as well.
I'd like to think one day I will be awesome at just one thing...
Maybe not.
I'll just settle for Jack of All Trades.. and leave off the rest.


  1. Have I told you, you are awesome?!?! You have many God given talents, keep using them to show your love, help & teach others. :o) Great stuff!

  2. thanks for the shout out! We have a lot in common, I feel like I have no one great talent. That tree is amazing, we don't have those here, just cactus.

  3. Hi Naomi, I just joined Blog Frogs and your lovely blog kept popping up as a suggestion for me to follow. I am so glad I stopped by....Thank you for sharing your heart and your journey. I hope you are feeling better today. Walking labyrinths has been very healing in my life by giving me another spiritual tool for contemplative prayer. If I can help by sharing more with you, please let me know, OK? Peace for your Path, Naomi. You will be in my prayers....Love, Robin

  4. Your way to cute, and so talented. What a fun post. I wish I liked cooking.. maybe if I tried it more, I would!