Monday, February 8, 2010

Battle of the L.B.S

All alone on a lifesaving mission
Fighting the darkness coming fast

Vision compromised, steps drunk
Confused rampage, trembling hands

Desperately searching for the antidote
Ticking clock...36! 36! 36!

Death looming, beads of sweat

Found the remedy
consuming it like mad

Levels rising, vision clearing
Mentally stable once again

I am alive, I fought the battle
The weak me,"Skedaddle"!

I won the crusade for today
until the next battle of the L.B.S.

I was inspired by a episode of low blood sugar (L.B.S) to write this. I was actually in the middle of recovering when I wrote it. If you aren't a diabetic, this is as close to understanding what it is like for me, to have low blood sugar. Click on this to read more about hypoglycemia/low blood sugar.


  1. Very powerful. I don't think anyone could possibly know what you go through so thank you for the description. WOW!

  2. so so true, you are awesome. I can't tell you that enough...

  3. Lows scare me the most. Ok, yeah when my BG's are high I feel tired etc etc, but it's the lows that I feel most weak, disoriented, confused, etc. I'm hoping to get a Continuous Glucos Monitor soon (Dexcom SevenPlus)... so I can catch the lows before it get's really bad.
    Good luck! Praying for our every day battles.