Monday, February 8, 2010

Christmas 2009

My Christmas was super blessed in 2009. I was able to be with all my loved ones and celebrate a few different times. Christmas eve with my Coopers which is filled with the annual Tammi's delish enchiladas, Clark Griswald, and present(Chinese or white elephant) exchanging!
Then late night Christmas eve with my Berrios family where a house filled with laughter, food out the wazoo, and Chinese xchange(gosh I cant remember if it white elephant or Chinese)where we all laughed till our bellies ached!
Christmas morning with my dad was a first since I was 13. Watching my kids open their presents with such excitement was joy to my spirit! I made a most delish breakfast casserole, that will become a tradition.
And finally with my husbands side of the family. We also did the Chinese exchange-which was soo much fun! House full of kids, love, and pictionary man(MY team won and Justin and I were reading each other's minds-we roooock(Q the high pitch on rooock)), and Jill's traditional potpies!
This past Christmas season was so special to me. It seems as though, I appreciate more, since my diagnoses. Not that it is life threatening but because I think I took for granted so much before. God has done a work in me and continues to. This past holiday, I soaked it all in. The little things, cooler weather(sometimes we can wear shorts in "winter" here) Graysen's school Christmas party, teacher's gifts, decorating the tree, Tacky sweater partay!,laughter, Gosh I love to laugh!, hugs, Christmas lights, hot coco, baking, yummy food-which I failed to count carbs just shot up a little more insulin HA!, my children's laughter and look of glee, kisses from my hubby, and picture taking. I received the greatest gift of all, LOVE from my family and friends which I value more then anything (the gifts were an added bonus) material thing!

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  1. great pics. thanks for the update. ive been waiting... love to see your pics and great outlook on life! keep your chin up, you cant see Jesus' face when your looking down at your shoes!