Thursday, February 11, 2010

Part 1

So first off, I have to say I feel guilty. Why you ask? Let me explain.
Two and a half years ago,(Nov. 07) my friend Amanda gave us a dog, a little white cute chiwahwah. SO I asked my son, "What do you want to name the puppy?" My Graysen was 2 at the time and Gwyneth was like 8.5 months. Graysen watched Spongebob a lot so it was so funny when he said, "Gary."

Wasn't he such a cutie??
We had Gary for about six months before I felt like I couldn't deal with him anymore. I bite off more then I could chew, with a toddler(Graysen who wasn't exactly nice to Gary), and Gwyneth who was soo needy, I just couldn't do it. I felt bad for doing it, but was happy because my Best Friend and her husband took him. I knew he was safe and would be loved-so I was comforted.
We moved into a different house in Dec 08, and by March we were wanting another dog. Kids were a little older so we thought it would be fine. By that time it had been over a year that our friends had Gary, and Liz and her hubby Jaime(our friends who took Gary) was preggers with their first baby. I happened to tell her we were ready for a dog, and she told me we could have Gary back.. I was soooooooo excited!!
It was so great to have Gary, we even had a family pic done with him last summer:
Gary was a good dog for awhile. Then it started getting bad. He would mark everywhere, toys, blankets, toilets, couch..etc. He was good about letting us know if someone was here, loved to play fetch, and would gobble up treats. My Husband was completely fed up. No we didn't get him fixed. We were told since he was over a year and some months-he would probably still mark.

Well when all my health stuff came along-we came to another crossroad of getting rid of Gary AGAIN! AHH! I couldn't take him to the pound or whatever. So our friends who we hang with all the time-Amanda and Jeremy took Gary! HA! Their son Josiah wanted him. It was cool because we would still see him but he would live there.

His marking issue hasn't gotten better. He marks all over the place over there. My friend is fed up, but can't do anything because it's Josiah's dog. And I did tell her, if they ever did really want to get rid of him to give him back. But for now, Gary is there.

Poor Gary. He's such a loving dog. But he just wasn't a right fit for our family.

So back to why I am feeling guilty? Check back later for Part 2...

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  1. he is ADORABLE! seriously... you had to do a "to be continued"?!?!... you must tell. hope you get to not feeling guilty and being happy though! XX