Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow in TX? WHAT!!

We had a blizzard here in TX! It was so scary that school was let out early because people here in TX don't know how to react to the strenuous conditions! Yikes! It was awesome because I captured a few great moments of my family in the snow. A snow fight that lasted 3.5 minutes, and snowflake eating. Oh and it wasn't a blizzard, just a beautiful blanket of snow and huge snowflakes, which melted the next day and was almost warm enough to wear shorts. Yea, phhhff, I know Crazy weather. Here is the captured moments of the rare occasion of snow..oh and my daughter was scared of it at first, telling me "no, I don want to go out there." I dragged her anyway and then she loved it. We all loved it!

I love days like this!
Na-to the-omi

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  1. How fun! I love snow on occasions (like a vacation), sure couldn't live where it snows alot though!