Friday, February 26, 2010

You know You're a T1 Diabetic when:

I found these and thought it was so funny! The ones in bold are my fav's...I am Making lemonade out of lemons!

1.You get excited when your pump company comes out with new updates or colors
2.You say that you feel ‘high’ in public and then wonder why people around you give you weird looks
3.You’ve been known to often say “this one time, at diabetes camp…”
4.You think regular soda tastes completely disgusting
5.You know what the terms A1C, diabetic ketoacidosis, glucagon, basal/bolus, and endocrinologist mean
6.You know the amount of carbohydrates in basically every food known to man
7.You have a favorite flavor of glucose tabs (and you know what they are)
8.You notice a friend’s been drinking a lot and you automatically assume they must be an undiagnosed diabetic
9.You’re parents ask how you’re doing and you tell them your blood sugar
10.You have test strips all over you purse, car, and bedroom
11.You hear something beep and you wonder if it’s your cell phone or insulin pump
12.You think it’s funny seeing the look on people’s fabces when you give an injection in public restroom or in public
13.You think of blood sugar not bull shit when you see the initials BS
14.You use being low as an excuse when you do something dumb, but get extremely offended if you're in a bad mood and someone tells you to test your sugar
15.You are abnormally good at multiplying by 15. Thank you carb counting.
16.You have a debate about the best & worse glucose tab flavors and take it seriously
18.You get incredibly tired of having to explain to people 'no I don't have the same thing as you're 800 pound grandma...' (especially if you're type 1)
19.You know it's diabe-TEES, not diabe-TUS or diabe-TISS
20.You have white circles on your stomach... aka pump site tan lines
21.You find it crazy that someone can drink a huge glass of juice and not take insulin for it.
22.Everytime you have to go to the bathroom you test your blood sugar. When it turns up at 100, you realize that it's normal to have to pee.
23.Instead of butter in the butter compartment of your refrigerator, there's insulin
24.You have magnets that look like pumps or have endo's numbers on them.... Unlike the typical fruit shapes or picture frame ones.
25.You can chug a bottle of water REALLY fast
26. You carry can/s of oj, just in case of a low.
27.You know who Wilfred Brimley is-yea buddy

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  1. Thanks for sending the link! I especially love the 800 lb grandma one, oh so true! and i Love the insulin in the butter department one, so true too. Chris especially loved the Chuck Norris ones, he thinks Chuck is hilarious. You are awesome! Keep on laughing at it.