Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Through the eyes of my Graysen I see...

Graysen drew this of our family. His answer to whom the little person next to Gwyneth is either our new baby brother(whom is not even conceived yet!) or Marilyn, Micah, or Avery(his favorite peps at the moment). It sure looks like a baby to me though! I Love the innocence of a child. I love his boldness too in believing for a new sibling. This picture represents God's favor, love, and family.
I was reminded how precious our family is, how much it is a gift, my responsibility as a wife and mother are to each of them.
Time flys. My Husband brought to my attention that time means more now as adults and parents, because it means more, we want time to stop, or rewind, or slow down.

I learn so much from my children, when I stop AND look at them, listen to their words, feel their unconditional love through their kisses and hugs.

As a little girl, I remember riding in the car as my mother drove, looking at the blue sky, and telling God, "please let me have my own family one day. I want to be married and a mommy." I'm guessing I was around 6 or 7. God gave me my heart's desire. It's a good feeling knowing we have each other! We are a team, One for another!

So what I am to do? I am to grow into a better wife a Proverbs 31 woman; exuding patience, love, slow to anger, and forgiveness. Growing to be a calm, loving, patient, disciplinarian, teaching to my children about our creator and how he sent his son to die for our sins and be in a relationship with the ONE who loves us, adventurous, rolling in the grass kind of momma. Avoiding or rather, refining the side of me who isn't perfect and can be impatient, quickly frustrated.

I am not perfect, never will be. But I Will not stay in a place of what I shoulda coulda, woulda done. TODAY matters, not yesterday, not tomorrow.

I am blessed, and am reminded what's important through the eyes of my first born, artistically showing the togetherness, God's provision, Favor, and LOVE in our family!


Thankful and Loved,



  1. Thats awesome! Can i just copy and paste that and pretend like i wrote it? ;) You always write from your heart, band in such a beautiful way that anyone can understand and identify with you. Its great to be friends with you. ps..... i thought you were announcing something! ;) XOXO

  2. Such a beautiful, and meaningful post! I need to follow from your words girl... your a great mother.. luv ya.