Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Forever In My Heart, My Friend

Dear Staci-
I can't believe it! You are gone. forever. It's been way too long since we really got to chat, and catch up on each other's lives. I am soooo sad. I feel so sad.
I am still in shock.
You, know, the Internet can be a good thing, we reconnected through it after not seeing or hearing from you in a few years, and I am grateful for that.
Being your friend was so great, I will cherish in my heart forever.
I will never forget all the great memories, we had! Girl! One of my fav's is when you came to Bryce and Tammi's house, and the roads were soooo icy. I convinced you to come. Well and when you did, your jeep slid into a ditch just before arriving.. Bryce and I had to come rescue you. AND what do ya know, as soon as I stepped out of his truck, I slipped and ate the concrete because I was laughing at you and your car. I still have pictures from that day.
How bout the times we would go joy riding in the car base bumpin*, or going dancing

, talking, mexican food!... I wonder if we had actually roomed together, how that would have affected our friendship today. We spent so much time together once. I have always thought of you, especially when I think back to the college days! You, OJ, and I always laughing, hanging out!!! LOVED IT, some of the best memories ever! You were always so fun, funny, beautiful, and I loved being around you. In fact, I've always had this picture of us from like 6 years ago, in a box that's always out- here with me, I remember putting it in there, because I missed those days hangin' with you.
You will be greatly missed lovely lady. I soooo wish time could rewind...maybe things would be different. I don't know but I do know I will see you again. I pray you are at peace, happy, laughing, joking with the angels. Praise the Lord you are with him, You are IN better Hands NOW. No good-byes, just, see ya later.
I love you friend.

Staci Turner Caldwell 4-19-2010

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