Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thyroid-shmyroid updiz-ate

So after doing the RAI treatment a few weeks ago...
I feel the same. HA! Well, I guess the heartrate may have stop beating so fast. That's good. Tiredness has lightened up. I am looking to gettin the levels normalized so I can keep moving forward.
So I am encouraged, things are getting better, and I will be able to concentrate on getting the diabetus(I like that word, its funny, even though its a no-no to pronounce it diabetus, when its diabetes) under control so I can start exercising and working on one of my goals of accomplishing a 1/2 Marathon. YEP! I am going to do it!!! The D(iabetes) ain't gonna hold me down!
I go back in about a week to get more blood work done, then a follow up to see where my thyroid levels are-that's May 13. Justin, the hubs says he can see a difference already. He says I have been doing more than I was before the treatment. AND the fact I considered mowing the lawn-HE SAID-is improvement in my energy level.
Soooo... Yea, I am so excited though because I keep thinking and know God is doing a new thing in me, and Change is underway.. I am changing.
I am blessed.
will update after appt!

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