Thursday, April 15, 2010

Whoa Nelly, I mean Gwynni!

So My darling little 2(almost 3 in 4 weeks) has been potty trained for some time now.

EXCEPT for going #2... She just would NOT go in the potty. So we decide to heck with pull ups during nap, and bedtime. We'll just put a towel under her when she going to sleep. WELLLHHHH, she's done sooo good that last night, we went to Targe' (target) to get a something special to celebrate. She wanted some eyeshadow and lip gloss. Eh, I thought no biggie...
We arrived home, and I opened them up for her and went to get unload the truck. I come back, laughing so hard, I try because I am shaking with laughter, and snap the pictures to capture the moments that make life as a mom the BEST ever!

She is a precious Ham, :

my favorite:

Said herself, "whoa, scary" to this one,(BTW: she's posing, puckering her lips) another favorite:

Two black eyes, I mean, here she is applying her makeup!:

looks painful:

look coon eyes:
Strike a pose: BTW: she totally did this without any coaxing! sooo funny! I was away (RAI treatment for my thyroid) for 3 days last weekend, I missed my babies sooo much, I came back feeling more appreciative to stay at home with them, my patience is better, and waiting to hug and kiss them was torture(TODAY was the first day-6Th day after treatment)! But in this moment with Gwynni, I was sooo thankful, HAPPY, and thought, these are the moments I live for!



  1. How pre-sh! definately a girly girl. she knows where the makeup is supposed to go. now she just needs to learn to poop on the toilet and do her makeup at the same time. ;) haha

  2. Funny!

    And she's doing better with pooping in the toilet now? Because my daughter fought me on that, and then my mom bought her a singing potty seat. Then she loved going in it! :o)