Sunday, May 23, 2010

Graysen's first Tball season!

My little Beatle bum, finished his first tball season this past saturday. We had so much joy, watching our little guy grow in this new adventure.
Astroboy(Graysen said that's his new name) had so much fun, looked forward to every baseball practice, and game. He made new friends, and learned some fundamentals that will be useful for next year.

We all laughed a lot, as I heard we would in the beginning of the season; kids running to third after hitting the ball, kids playin in the dirt, or even one kid chasing another to tag him out all over the field. We played good teams who were good sports, and had a few teams that were "serious players" who counted outs!! :)
We look foward to it all next year!!!



  1. Oh my goodness! He is so big and cute!!! Now get little G girl in dance!

  2. Hey Naomi, I followed your blog over from Amanda's. I've been reading some of the same blogs for years and I've had some free time sitting in hotel rooms this past week to visit new ones which is rare because I don't even make enough time to write my own entry very often LOL! What caught my eye is "Insulin Junkie" I am assuming you are diabetic? I am type 2... I've known since 1999. I've not been able to control is much lately. It been running 200 and some times higher. Do you have any advice besides eating right? I have been taking some cinnimon? I've had several share with me it helps?

  3. I just started a blog on living with diabetes. I have a list of other blogs relating to diabetes and I have linked yours with it. I am hoping that reading about other people with the disease will help all of us.

  4. Did you forget you have a blog??!! :) xoxo