Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The scoop on post-RAI treatment

WOW! I feel great!! I knew last week, when I was rippin' and running (gwyneth's bday party, cleaning [more than I have in all together since the diagnoses], Graysen tball, cookin'-all without a nap ) that I had more energy.
Now looking back I did those things reguardless-just reallllly tired and grumpy. When I say I feel great, I didn't realize how much different I really would feel doing the RAI. Before the RAI treatment, For 6 months I was so tired all the time, my heart rate was fast, would pound hard, palpitations, hot/cold flashes, my body was so sore like muscle aches always, that if I sat on the floor and tried getting up, it took every ounce in of energy to get up(like an 90yr old getting up from the floor with no help), oh and my moods were all over the place! AHHH! ALL of that, AND the Diabetes to deal with.
When I took that step of Faith and did the treatment, my God was with me. Inside, I didn't want to, but I knew Fear was holding me back. Now, it's like a new me,is emerging, STRONGER. YES!Since taking the treatment, I also have had NO side effects. except for mild weight gain. I have not experienced hair loss, or the other "scary" stuff. I am protected, and stand on God's word. He's got my back! SO take that Fear! YOU WON'T GET ME! brewhaha.haha.ha.
I am still excited for the next new things going on for me, I am cleared to start some excersise, and keep moving forward. NOw to focus on the D-getting my A1C down-which has from 9.3 -> 8.3. whoopee.
On to the results for the thyroid...
Last Thursday the 13Th, I went in to go over latest blood work since the RAI treatment I took April 9Th, and the scoop is, my levels are NORMAL!! PRAISE JESUS!
past levels were:
Free T4: 3.36 (normal is between 0.73-1.95)
Free T3: 15.2 (normal= 2.3- 4.2)

Free T4: 1.62
Free T3: 4.7(about .05 higher than normal but still good)

Want to know more about Free T4/T3? click here

My endo gave me 50 micograms of synthroid to start out with, because even though my levels are normal, they don't want them to drop too low before next appt, which is in 6 weeks. So from now on I will have to go every 6 weeks for blood work-to make sure levels are normal and dosage is correct so I don't have any complications of hypothyroidism.
So thats it for now, but wanted to share the great news! Because it is!!

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