Monday, September 20, 2010

kid comedy edition # 1

Over the 5 years of having two little ones, I am constantly laughing at silly things they say or do. So I think it would be super fun to start documenting their kid comedy. Its refreshing to experience the innocent yet humorous side through my children's logic and reasoning of life.
I have wanted to do this for sometime but it seems like I always forget too, so today is the first day to start Kid Comedy edition #1.

Last Thursday as we are getting ready to leave for dinner, Graysen comes in as I am fixing my hair and asks if he can ride his bike to follow us to go eat.

I chuckle, and say, "No son, you cannot. First off, you cannot ride your bike in the street."

This gets him riled up, and hes crying saying, "I will be careful."

I try to reason some more throwing in some safety issues and say, " Now Graysen it's going to be dark how are you going to see, and its a loooong way away, you will get tired, plus how are you going to make sure the other cars don't hit you?"

He's clears his throat and says, " I will get a flashlight and put it in my pocket and ride, and I will do this(holds his hand out in a stop motion) say really loud to the cars, 'DON'T HIT ME', and I have lots of "enter-gy" to ride to follow you."

"how do you know you have lots of energy?" I ask.

"God gave me lots of enter-gy because he's mighty and strong." He counters.

I give him big hugs and say, "well, you can't ride in the street because Mommy and Daddy want to you be safe. "

He continued to cry, and kept asking but I just validated him by telling him I understood he was upset.
Either way-it was a funny moment of humor..asking if he could ride his bike to follow us on the street-and God gave him lots of energy to ride a loong way! HA! Where in the world he came up with the idea to do that gets me, but it was cute and had me laughing. Good times!

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