Friday, October 29, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude

Yesterday I felt defeated, and ready to throw in the towel with schooling, so to speak. My friend Amanda, who also homeschool's once told me, " A lot of how your schooling day goes is reflected how your attitude is when you start." She is right. Isn't that true for how we approach everyday in general! YUP! Attitude is everything.

Last night, we prayed together and one of the thing Graysen wanted to pray about for me was my attitude. How insightful is he!! We asked Jesus to help mommy refine her attitude. The best thing I am experiencing through this new journey of schooling, is how I am also being taught by my children! Even though I may have lots of things going on besides schooling, and I am reminded how I must have a humble, kind, loving attitude at all times. Jesus was always kind, spoke with love, corrected those in love, and that is how I want to be with my children(everyone).

Today, made up for yesterday times 10! As I gave him words out loud, he sounded them out and wrote them on the dry erase board ALL. BY. HIMSELF! What!!!! I am sooo proud of him. I am also proud of myself, because he's learning by my teaching. Here is a picture of his words, his handwriting is getting better too!

Today I have an attitude of gratitude, for the valuable lessons I am learning, and am teaching my children! Thank you Father for each new day, to be loved, and taught by you!