Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fabulous Tuesday!

Today has been great so far, We have finished all of Graysen's school work for the day, and he read two words by sounding them out all by himself, "if" and "red"! YAY! I am so happy! The few months of working with him is really paying off, for I am seeing the little "sprouts" of my hard work! I cannot stress enough about how we as a family making the decision to homeschool has been revitalizing, renewing, and refreshing to my spirit!

It is SO cool to know that stepping in, and embracing the calling on my life how it really has brought fulfillment in such a great way. The point is, as much of a blessing this is to me, it isn't about what I am receiving, its the work God is doing all around me and even through me! Receiving blessings is the perk to doing what I KNOW I am supposed to be doing!

I can already tell some changes in myself, I definitely am more patient with G now than I was in the beginning of the year. I caught myself almost ready to "loose it" with my patience but it was the Holy Spirit's gentle reminder that Love is what I needed to approach G with. Sure enough-as the metaphor says, we got more bees with honey, and did 2.5 days of work in one day and finished faster than we usually do! What a blessing that is! When he "gets it" how we celebrate together, is such a triumph! I love to see his little face light up when he figures something out!

The Holy Spirit is at work in our family's life for sure!
Today has been a good day, and as Amanda said early today, "The Holy Spirit is ALIVE." "Hallelujar" like Madea says!

Father, I just praise you for this beautiful day you gave us. You are my fortress, my Rock, My deliver, my teacher, my potter, and I am thankful to be your servant. I ask you continue to teach and refine me each day, help me to find joy in all things, as I seek your face. It is my truest desire to know you more and to do your will in all things. Lord, I pray you reveal your master plan for my life as I walk daily in seeking YOU. Thank You that through the righteousness of Jesus I confidently trust in Your peace and safety for my life and home knowing that Your angels are always on guard. I thank you my family and I are covered in your blessings! Amen.


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  1. It is so important as a Homeschooling Mom to celebrate the GOOD DAYS! IF AND RED is fabulous! I was excited that AB counted to 40 today with out calling 30 twenty ten! that girl!

    I love seeing what God is doing in your life and tomorrow is your Birthday! I love you my precious sister!!