Friday, October 15, 2010

I will Sing of Your Praises Forever~

I have been listening to praise and worship music for a few hours today and wanted to share how it motivates, blesses, and encourages me.

Praise is a way to enter in the presence of the Lord. Sometime I don't feel like praying. But a life dedicated to serving Christ isn't based on feelings or emotions. Maturing in Christ is moving past the emotional realm and understanding it's a sacrifice on my part to know my Savior more intimately by hearing, studying, and acting on the word of God. The days I may find it hard to start off praying, turning on some worship music moves me to bless my Lord with hands lifted high.
Meditating on the words being sang, I am blessed and it allows my spirit to be strengthened but more than that to give glory to GOD. I am fulfilled when I enter in a time of blessing my ROCK and soak up the words and turn them into the cry of my heart, singing from my soul standing or on my knees I am saturated in the presence of the Holy Spirit. After all, he created me(and you) in His likeness and to praise my Jesus, is an honor in itself. Praise Music has a way of sparking this undying desire to glorify my King.

There's nothing like being vulnerable and surrendering myself to Jesus in worship and asking for nothing but just blessing him!

He Loves me. When I thought no one did, He was always there offering his love. It wasn't until I received it, I understood the magnitude of the awesomeness of the God I serve. Jesus came to my rescue when I needed him all while he was already waiting for me, he redeemed my past, forgives me daily for my failures, God graces my life when I don't deserve it! He took me as a broken person and made me whole. God gives me breath everyday, sight, a beating heart, a husband, two beautiful children, HIS WORD to continue to change me, and Daily my Jesus gives me victory in what the enemy wanted for my destruction. All I am is because of my God and what Jesus did for me!

Praise brings me back to that truth, and all I want to do is sing worship to my King for all the great things he's done for me. I finish praising the Lord, encouraged to rejoice in the remainder of the day.

Hillsong has to be my favorite praise and worship band right now!

Sing Praises!!!!

Blessings to you, Happy Friday!


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