Thursday, October 21, 2010

Its my Birfday! yesterday*

Yesterday was such a great day!!! I woke up with several messages from friends and family wishing me a day full of love, happiness, laughter, and blessings! God gave me all those things and more!

I was greeted in the morning by my sweet little boy and girl, saying, "Happy birthday mommy" and then they sang it as loud as they could. All day yesterday my son tried so hard to make me happy giving me presents which were things we already had put in a birthday bag. It melted my heart to see his love and desire to bring joy to me on my special day!

Yesterday worked to my advantage too because anytime the kids weren't getting along, I would say, "Your fighting is making me sad on my birthday," and they would stop pretty quick! *Wish I could use line everyday!!

My husband came home early and surprised me with a beautiful card, and a new outfit!

My super cute outfit from the hubs!

What was great about the card is, well August was our wedding anniversary month and well we got the day wrong. Yep! Only been married 3 years and got it wrong. NICE uh? Well the day we celebrated(which we couldn't really do, I was leaving for a women's retreat) he gave me a card with a few quick lines of gratitude and that was it! Ha, I was angry and he knew it. I'm like, way to keep the spark alive! We worked it out and ended up laughing about how we got the date wrong.

But the point is, on my birthday, he gives me a super sweet card, and signed it, "The Card says it all." He knew I was going to get upset, but before I could have a reaction he then said, "just kidding, and flipped it over, and it was so sweet and an outpouring of love to me! It was the best! I had a good laugh, we both did. It meant so much that we spent the afternoon together as a family!! Those are the best days!

The night ended with dinner with family, one of my many family's-but these people have been the stability in my life. They outdid themselves with showering me with love, and beautiful gifts that made me feel so special. My Tammi/Bryce, Sandi/Jerry, my sister, and brother Morgan were all there for me! Dinner was fantastic! I came home to a card and balloon at my door, from my SIL whom I love dearly that melted my heart, it was the icing on the cake for me!

My super cute rain boots!! I can't wait to wear them!!

Bryce and I

Sandi, Me, Jerry

My yummy cake!

my sister and I
Me, Graysen, bro-Morgan

Tammi and I


My Birthday was a beautiful day, I didn't even care that I was making my way closer to 30. I look back from where I was a year ago, and where I am now, all I can say is My life is blessed. Thank you Jesus for opening my eyes to all the wondrous ways you work in my life!

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  1. wowee! love your happy post. it is just exhuberating joy! Glad you had a great birthday! You looked absolutely beautiful! you rocked your new outfit! xoxo