Thursday, October 7, 2010

Seeds Sprouting

Yesterday I gushed over some awesome new things going on in our family life. Today is a continuation of yesterday! Today I am thankful for many blessings God has given me. As I said yesterday, we are homeschooling our son Graysen, and it has been a work of beauty in our family. Daily, we get up, eat breakfast, and start on school. We incorporate praise and worship time, prayer, and a daily devotion in our curriculum.

Since I have started this new endeavor, I have been planting seeds in my son to learn about God, and our Savior Jesus. I have wondered how much he understands when we read the devotional, and if I am explaining enough about what we are reading. But last night was a gift.
So we were sitting at the table eating a snack before bed and Graysen says, "I Love God, and I want to give him a big hug." Of course Gwyneth says the same thing. He says, "God is so awesome."
I tell him,"he loves you very much and made you unique and special, there is no one else made like you." I tell him to look at his fingerprints and to look closely at the lines in each finger, as he does, I say, "No one else has the same fingerprints as you, God is so cool, he made us all special in our own way."
Graysen was intrigued by his fingerprints and what I was saying. It was such a special moment for us. He then asked me if Jesus lived in here (pointing at his heart), and I told him if he wanted him too, then he would come into his heart and stay forever. I told him we can pray to him and ask. He told me he wanted to pray to Jesus and ask him in his heart.
I was beaming inside, but also asking the Holy Spirits guidance because I wanted to say the right things,and make sure Graysen really understood what he was doing; he only just turned 5 on September 1st. But goodness he is a smart little boy.
So we prayed together and asked Jesus to come in his heart, and of course little Gwynni (she's three, she wants to do everything Graysen does:) did too. It was a God moment. The seeds my husband and I are sowing with our children are sprouting. I can honestly say it was like, whoa, is this really happening? I mean PRAISE GOD! We have been faithful to be praying together, going to church, reading our devotional, doing prayer requests, singing praise and worship to our GOD! After our prayer, we talked about how it is important to pray to Jesus everyday and that we learn about God by reading his word everyday. I also told him, that he can talk to God everyday like he talks to mommy and daddy, just to say whatever his heart needs, or wants to say, because he is our Father who created us, and he is our friend.
Today I asked him what we did last night that was a special moment for him. He told me, "I asked Jesus to live in my heart, and HE DOES!" I asked him, "how do we learn more about God and Jesus?" He said, "by reading the bible." AHHHH! HE really does get it!!
Words are hard to describe the incredible act that took place last night. It is my heart's desire to be the best mother I can be, and walk in line with God's plan for my life and my family's life. I believe last night was a gift, because we are changing as a family, I am changing as a servant, wife, and mother. When we are consistent to being faithful, we are blessed for our obedience.
Even though there are always hardships, and daily battles we face as a family, and individually, God uses the holy spirit to gently correct my actions through conviction, so I can be a better refined, redeemed daughter of the King of Kings. As I continue to walk in the calling on my life as a mother, I will fall but I will get back up wipe off the dust, ask for forgiveness, and keep going. Just writing those words fill me up with thankfulness, because God is so good.
Why is he so good in my life? Because chains are being broken in my family, through our dedication to serving our Creator. His unconditional love is changing my life everyday. I want to shout to the whole world what a great God we serve. WITH him, ALL Things are possible.
The choice my son made last night will affect his life forever, I was able to be apart of the life changing event. It is my desire to continually nurture that sprouting seed through Jesus' guidance.

Proverbs 20:7 (English Standard Version)
The righteous who walks in his integrity—
blessed are his children after him!

Praise be to God for all things GOOD! Praise be to God who forgives, loves, and redeems me through Jesus daily, for I am a sinner but he still uses me, His grace is sufficient for me! What a humbling experience last night was-I am forever grateful. Amen!

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