Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This Fall Harvest

Fall is my favorite season. For sure!
I enjoy fall decor, painting pumpkins, Halloween, baking,crafting, Thanksgiving, long sleeve shirts,scarfs, soup, fun with friends, and the family outings doing fall things. The nights spent outside playing with my children in the cool crisp air are priceless because living in TX it's few and far between!

The change in weather(thank you Jesus), how the beauty of the changing scenery becomes filled with vibrant colors of red, orange, yellow just make smile.
It's a Grand feeling to look back at the HOT summer(which I thought would never end) and really appreciate this new season of Fall.

A few pictures I want to share from the last few weeks that mark some of the great memories embarking on this new season:

The kids wiggin' out!

My bumpkins with their hand painted pumpkins.

Amanda lookin' beautiful modeling ...and you can see Zeke lookin' at her like, "whaaat?"

A crafting project I made with inspiration from one of my besties Amanda

This season has brought about some great changes in our house for sure.
The biggest is that we have decided to homeschool our son. Oh how God is so good. We started at the end of August, and now in October I can say it has been the best decision we have made for our family.
It truly is amazing to see how God orchestrated this to happen. I have had the thoughts to homeschool since before I ever gave birth. But, I don't think I ever imagined it would actually come to pass, mostly because of insecurities of self doubt.

When we moved to Hutto, I met Amanda-actually by being bold enough to ask her if I could take a picture of her super cute hair(with the intentions to show my sister thinking she could rock something similar) and I know it wasn't by accident I spotted her hair! God had more plans for the two of us! We began chatting and she told me she homeschooled and I was so excited because I had questions!.

Over the course of our friendship, I have been able to see the fruits of her labor with her children through the role of a mother and teacher. She has been encouraging to me about my desire to homeschool as well. God gets all the praise for all things good in my life, no doubt! I am so thankful he aligned my steps to meet Amanda because I know my God used her to show me in that area of my life, that with HIM it was possible for me to homeschool too! She has become one of my closest friends, and love her heart of passion, love, boldness, wisdom, and beauty.

So as we have began our journey into homeschooling starting with kindergarten, it has been a blessing. God has prepared me through past seasons of my life to take on this role to teach him. For me, just in the short time we've started, this has been a time of learning, revelation of self, an ever growing bond between my first born and I, joy, and fulfillment. I never knew how stepping into this would bring out the calling on my life.

The growth I have seen in my son since we began is so cool! AND I get to be apart of it daily. Now, no misconceptions here, because we have had not so good days and I've wanted to skip a day, or two, or three! HA! The beauty of it is, we get new days to start fresh. I gotta say, I don't have it all figured out, but that's why God gave me a few people I can turn too as I continue this endeavor. I am blessed.

It has been a life changing beautiful time that has began and I am very thankful for this fall harvest in our family.


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  1. I remember the day in the church lobby well. And you know how I feel about WHY God took us back to a place he called us away from. It was to meet Simanks!

    you truly are a one of a kind person! when i think of your life testimony and all you have been through, I get chill bumps thinking about what God is doing to use it for. there is a cost for anointing. it's called pain and you have been through a lot. we both have and I believe that is why HE put us together!

    I am so proud of you and all that you are doing. You are truly the heart of your home. Watching you pour all of your dreams into your family has been so exciting! I am so, so, so proud to have you as my friend. God uses you DAILY to remind me that I am loved. I have pushed so many away in my life in fear of rejection OR I just usually don't believe that they truly love me. But you have stuck by me and God has used you over and over again to show me His love.

    I am so glad I have you! I love you very much!