Monday, January 31, 2011

Short Recap of 2010 and Claiming Blessings for 2011

The first month of the new year has almost come to an end. As I sit and type while the kiddos quietly watch The Fox and the Hound, I am happy.

Reflecting over the past 2010 year, I am pleased, challenged, encouraged, strengthened, renewed for this coming year and the blessings in store. Many lessons learned looking back. Funny thing is I can remember only few specifics, 365 days+ being a wife, mother, and all that comes with daily life can blurr one's short term memory.

Early last January I was still in such a state of shock with the health issues, T1 Diabetes, and Grave's disease I didn't really deal. It was a roller coaster of emotions, and responsibility that I felt overwhelmed with. Throughout most of last year I worked with my doctors to better fine tune insulin dosage came with wearing a CGMS device that monitored the glucose 225 times a day for a week. I wrote this during a low where I was crying and shoving carbs down my throat to avoid passing out, a day where I accidentally switched my long acting insulin with short acting(gave myself 22 u of humalog lol) and had to again shove sugar in my mouth to avoid passing out. Last year it seemed like highs and lows were very frequent, I always, I mean always have orange juice in my fridge. And everyone in our house knows if the carton is low, you better not touch it, especially if I cannot get to the store to restock. There was a time where my insulin pen malfunctioned and I had just eaten and had NO way to give myself insulin, so I had to drive 35 min to a 24 hr pharmacy at 11pm at night to get some needles to extract my antidote! PHEW... Its been a ride alright.

Current day, I am no longer in shock or denial. I have learned many lessons and grown closer to my God through this process. Now it's a matter of Just doing what I have too or NOT doing what I have too, because there is no TRY. So, as I battle with daily routine of putting myself first, I have made progress. My last blood work results came back a slight improvement, so that's good. One step at a time, that's what it takes!

In April of 2010 I took a treatment called RAI(Radio active Iodine) pill which zapped my thyroid to stop it from over producing. That was such a hard decision to come to. I decided to go through with it, obviously, but I had a peace and literally visualized holding on to my Jesus' hand as I walked through those double doors the day I went in. The coming months after were difficult as I struggled with the most painful body cramps which literally knocked the breath out of me, and I later found out was because my muscles were not getting nuff oxygen (not high enough dose of synthroyid). Then, this past summer, my hair started thinning out to the point I didn't want to go out because it was was so thin, and brittle. It was tuff. My meds were adjusted and current day, my hair has sprouted new growth, and the thyroid is all in normal range.

There were tougher battles, and low valleys that came between each of these events I shared all while maintaining the other roles as wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend. But I have to say God is so good. As I have faced many challenges over 2010, there has been many victories, and blessings enter my, and my family's lives.
In 2010, our son turned 5, and our daughter turned 3. My son is currently flourishing in karate, and it's just amazing what two days a week for the past several months has sharpened my boy! "Yes mam', and 'Yes Sir", are apart of his vocabulary more than ever, with the help of his karate teacher.
This past year 2010, I have found the calling on my life which is to Teach. Its quite a revelation that I went to college for 5 years and couldn't figure out what exactly it was I was called to do for the Kingdom. Now as a mother, diligent seeking my King, friendly encouragement,The Holy Spirit has shown me right now it starts in my home. Homeschooling my children, I am planting seeds for a growing love for Jesus. We fill our days with lessons both academic and biblical as I do my best to living according to God's word. I am not perfect as I always say, but gosh how I have learned through my children, because they teach me too! My son is in his first year of Kinder and is gifted in math already doing some first grade level mathematics, and if you know me, it wasn't mine while in school! :) He's reading and we are focusing on birthing a love of reading! We have actually had to try a new approach because he wasn't liking what we were doing. That's the beauty of schooling at home, I can do what works for my children and nurture their specific learning style.

The start of this new year 2011 has already been filled with its own challenges, but hey that's called Life! It's how one handles those challenges that matters. We have recently been blessed in the area of homeschooling, because we have joined a local Homeschooling group that will nurture more learning, we will form new friendships, and look forward to field trips. This is a true blessing. I was encouraged by a friend Amanda who also homeschool's her children that I was more than capable of schooling my children. With the help of God's guidance, I stepped out in Faith and the blessings that have followed are comparable to nothing I ever dared to commit to before. I am reassured that whatever I do according to God's word and his guidance it will be fruitful. Other great blessings since the start of this year include I have starting serving in our church nursery and I cannot begin to explain what joy I have being with those babies. I must be destined to have another baby the way I coo over them lol! We are planning a great family vacation in early June which is still in the planning phase so I hope to share soon when it's set in stone! We are believing for it!! I am looking forward to all the great things in store for our family this year.

It is my prayer for the continuing new year of 2011, to love my God deeper, serve others in love, dig deeper into the word, encourage others, be a better wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, and continue to change to become the best Proverbs 31 woman God created me to be!

Looking forward to the 2011 Harvest,

Naomi your Homey in Jesus

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