Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Day Filled with Snow and Cinnamon Rolls!

What a lovely day it was. From my earlier post, I said it was a "A winter wonderland" but I am not sure 2 inches of snow that melt by noon can be classified under that term! HA! We were up and playing in the snow at 8:25am while big flaky cinnamon rolls baked in the oven. mmmmm!

Growing up I have few great memories with my parents like the one our children were able to have today with us. This was a blessing. I am reminded once again This is what matters, my family. The reward of their precious love and the lasting movies in my mind (and pictures of course) of these days of adventure filled with their curiosity, laughter, and their happiness fills me up with joy and contentment.

We love Gigi, shes such a cute dog always picture perfect! She actually barked at the snow when she first went out in the morning. It was so cute and funny!

*can click on collages to see them closer! :)

Thankful for today. I was happy to have the snow even though it only stayed for a few hours before melting. That's actually pretty sweet because we don't have to deal with it for long! So next time it comes we will excited all over again! We enjoyed the play in the snow, and went back in our home and ate our big fluffy cinnamon rolls!

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