Monday, March 28, 2011

I Heart Books!

Books, books, and more books! I love books! One of my missions as a homeschooling mother, is to help create a love for reading in my children. Here Pictured are tons of books I found at Goodwill in great condition! I am looking forward to reading aloud, and Graysen reading these fun adventures. I am super excited when I find good deals-all these I paid for about 30$ about a dollar a book or less. My next stop with be Half Price Books, because I hear you can get a 5$ basket with tons of children's books. SO yay for learning, and yay for reading and double yay for saving money!

our joy

our joy
Here, I share about my Faith, family, homeschooling, backyard farming, chicken raising, eating healthy, and managing T1 Diabetes. Daily I am refined as I seek my King, so I may travel this life's journey as a servant of Christ Jesus, wife, mother, sister,and friend: ever-changing. This is my story and I hope to encourage those around me through it!

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