Monday, March 28, 2011

My Garden Grows

Here you see my bell peppers shooting up from the soil!!! This is my zucchini squash growing strong!!!! I have two bigger pots that are flourishing!!! Here are cilantro blooming to the left and tomatoes to the right. Whats exciting is starting them from seeds. I have been able to see the progress from the time the leaves pushed through the soil.

And last picture is My flowering blackberry vine...Ahhhh the flower comes before the fruit!!!! Yippe!!!!!!! I am so loving this time of caring for my garden! I take it seriously and treat each plant like I would tend to a newbie baby!!!!!!!! I love watching our garden grow. My children are active in helping water the plants, and they also enjoy the experience.

I have a blueberry plant that is also flowering and a tomato plant that we bought from the store that had a tiny tomato that is now getting more plump by the day. My elephant ear has yet to do anything from the soil, which I assume takes much longer to show anything. My strawberry plants still look the same from when we planted those as well! The other two plants we bought from the farmers market are coming back to life and the peace Lilly I replanted is also starting to show more signs of growth!

What a fabulous experience. Our garden represents a number of things that I will continue to share in Part 2 of Sprouts. It's on its way...


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