Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring has Sprung

It's the time of year when life begins again. Spring. I am grateful for the return of this beautiful season. Greenery returns, mowing begins again accompanied by the smell of freshly cut grass, vibrant colors return as flowers bloom, planting season begins, beautiful weather, butterflies, birds chirping, Easter, Mother's Day, longer days spent outside playing, grilling, and spring cleaning!

We started our garden yesterday. We planted strawberries and tomatoes. Today we will be finishing by planting bell peppers, a blackberry vine, and squash. As we learned about how planting works we talked about how the children can see the fruit of their labors as the fruits and vegetables enlarge and push through the soil. We will have a front row seat to see how God's beauty of how life starts with a tiny seed, sowing, nurturing, and then harvesting what we will have worked hard to cultivate.

There is something peaceful, fun, and exciting in starting a garden, especially doing it as a family. I love gardening, more over, I love that I am learning more about it. I have always wanted to have a green thumb, and now I am on my way. How exciting it is we have begun this adventure of growing our own strawberries, tomatoes, bell peppers, blackberries, and squash. We are starting our plants in pots and hope to start a garden bed next year. I will be updating on the progress of our garden often.

My children Graysen and Gwyneth, and their cousins as we get started on our planting lesson!

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