Friday, April 29, 2011

Fearless Abandonment

Abandonment means to refuse yourself the luxury of asking any questions. Oswald Chambers

This quote evokes praise, joy, Strength from my spirit!

How often do we get wrapped up in our personal life circumstances where we lose sight of where our minds should stay? I know I can get lost in distractions that take the focus from what is important as a servant of my Father in Heaven.

In a week (and a half) alone, We have started a DIY project redoing our kitchen cabinets. My husband had major head surgery 9 days ago, my daughter was sick throwing up for a whole day this past week, homeschooling, researching curriculum choices, gardening, watching children, being a wife (my all inclusive daily responsibility as a domestic engineer :) , managing the Diabetes, drawing up plans for our chicken coop, that are all apart of what I call life. We all have things going on, good or challenging some days busier than others that can essentially become a distraction or hindrance.

The object of the act of abandoning myself is releasing the fears or insecurities I may have about the current events in my life and how they may or may not turn out and trusting that He's got it. The Holy Spirit shows me I am to exercise self control not to be governed by how I feel about things, and wholeheartedly surrender myself to my God so I may walk in line with whom he's called me to be; its apart of daily putting on the full armor of God *click here* each day.

In my experience I understand that walking in total abandonment to my Savior, I must trust, rest, rely on him to direct my steps. The quote above prompted my spirit into praise because it is truly an act of surrender and I get it now. For many years I proclaimed the gospel but didn't do the best job living by the word see 1 Corinthians 9:14 I know a lot of that was lack of spiritual maturity. Most recently the Lord has renewed my mind in many ways due to the simple act of really seeking him. That's really all it takes for a true change in anyone's life, is seeking him, knowing him, and all the desires come to pass; not because of what I gain but because I hunger to be at the feet of my God, my Creator!

My prayer is to daily abandon myself in the One who freely gave it all for me. And when I fall, that I will spring up, ask for forgiveness, dust myself off and keep growing. His love is so great, it changes me. Walking the daily Towdah road, praising my King for ALL things great, I give up asking questions, and I Trust Him, resting in the comfort that my King does what he says he is going to do. I am free. No greater love than the love of our God. I abandon myself in Him today, tomorrow, and forever. Hallelujah!

I encourage all to come awake to the joy, and recognition to the glorious life changing love found in Jesus and to fearlessly abandon yourself to the KING OF KINGS!
Happy Friday God Bless!

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