Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bird Bath project part 1

They are enjoying the project...

We gathered 3 clay pots, paints, gorilla glue, stencils, and 2 clay saucers-1 small, 1 slightly bigger... And went to town on creating our bird bath. This was a great addition to studying birds. The hands on learning defiantly creates more of a love to learn, they cannot wait to do craft time each day which relates to what we are studying.

Supplies: 3-4 clay pots, 2 clay saucers, one small for the base, one bigger for the bath, 3 cans of white spray paint or white paint, acrylic paints of your choice, gorilla glue, stencils of your choice, and love!

1) Rinsed off each pot to get off any accumulated dirt. Then I spray painted each pot, saucer white then gave them a fresh coat of white paint so they'd be ready canvas' for artistic creativity.

2)The children painted the pot according to how it was going to be flipped so all images would be upright-make sure you do the same so nothing is upside down..

3)Once the pots dried, I used gorilla glue and stacked them atop each other, and let them dry.

4)I then sealed them with a good coat of sealant(Just thought about this: can use Hodge Podge to seal it too) to prevent paint chipping off.. Voila! It's done.. check out ~click on~ Part 2 to see what it turned out to look like for us! :)

Happy Bird Bath making! These make great gifts for mother's day, Christmas, or even Grandparents day any holiday really !!!!


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