Monday, April 25, 2011

For Kayla

This crafty way to display a baby's name is pretty neat if I say so myself. I saw this on a
blog recently and decided to do this for my Lizzy's upcoming new arrival, Miss Kayla. They turned out spectacular!

-What I did:
I bought the unfinished round wood plaques at local craft store(Hobby Lobby)
acrylic paint of my choice
coordinating craft paper-I could fit 2 plaques per 1 sheet of paper total of 5 pieces of scrap book paper (one extra in case a mess up)
The small gold letters (1/2 off)
hardware to hang-also in the same aisle as the wooden plaques
modge podge
E6000 glue

1) I turned plaque upside down and traced the inside of the plaque on the paper, then cut out each letter and set aside, I then took a smaller bowl and traced a smaller circle for the inside design, cut those and set aside.

*You could totally just do a different coordinating pattern for each letter which would be very cute with no inner circle. *just sayin'

2)then I painted the outer rim of the wooden circle with a metallic bronze on all circles-let air dry, then apply second coat.

3)then I modge podged the first scrap book paper circle(polka dot) onto each wood circle-let dry or you can blow dry so under coat is pretty dry b4 you apply a top coat, helps to eliminate air bubbles underneath.

4)Once dry I apply topcoat of Modge podge and laid the smaller scrap book paper(paisley floral print)-let dry then apply another topcoat of MP onto that as well.

5)In between drying I gave a couple coats of metallic red paint onto each gold letter, then a layer or two of modge podge to seal it.

6)Once it's dry I used E6000 on the back of each letter centered them on wooden circles, applied a coat of Modge Podge to outer circle and voila- its done!!!!

Happy Creating!



  1. Those are really cute! Do you mind sharing how you made them? I have a Chloe and a new one coming and I would love to put their names up in their rooms!

  2. Yes Indeed Amy, I will repost this entry with how I did it..I wish I would have remembered the link so I could give proper credit to the lady who orginally did this.. Thank you though.