Monday, April 4, 2011

Kid Comedy Edition # 9-Beauty School Dropout

I cannot explain the horror I felt seeing this; well horror and snickering! My daughter, she took the plunge, and played beauty school on her hair. AND my son was the instigator. He took a stool, put it up to the cabinet in my bathroom and got the scissors down and gave them to Gwyneth, and she first gave the barbie Rapunzel a new shorter cut, then turned the scissors on herself. This took place in a matter of 3 minutes, enough time for me to change a diaper, throw it away and find them in my bathroom. *The scissors were placed right back into their spot by some crafty hands before I had walked in there.

This is what I happened upon...

She now has a mullet cut on the right side of her head. Yay, fun times.

As you can see her face is sad.. She was so worried,

She asked me, "Are you going to call the cops?"

I guess we should stop threatening them with, "You better make sure your seat belt is on so the cops don't get you. Yeah poor Gwynni.

She even managed to snip off some of the back! UGH! Now I have no choice but to cut it.

I am thankful no one was hurt. We had a good talk on what scissors are used for, and when etc. We turned this into a learned lesson!!!

Now I am on a mission to get it cleaned up asap. Joy!


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