Monday, April 18, 2011

Thriving Garden Weekly Update

The squash/z have flowered!!! YAY!!!!

Do I love gardening? Yes

Has it made me happy every time I go outside just to look at their progress or just to stare? yes.

Do I like ants on my plants or in my pants? NO!

Do I get excited at the thought of buying more seeds/or plants? YES!

Am I obsessed? NO I have a healthy love for growing things 20 pots and counting. ha. I cannot wait to 'grow' more into a gardener!!!!!!!

Oh Gardening Love, where have you been all my life!-uhhh yeah that's pushin' it..

My children surprise me with how they love to share with others about their garden. Its such a neat way to learn...putting our hands together to the plow..or pot.. our work is payin' off! Yippe!!

Happy Gardening!



  1. The garden looks great!! It really is addictive. I'm so thankful for parts of me that has been birthed through Homeschooling. Gosh, we are so blessed. I love all of your containers. And I have been looking for cilantro everywhere and can't find a cilantro plant!

    Now, let's just keep praying that the Lord will get us that farm we've been wanting!

    I love you my friend!

  2. look at that cilantro bush! I don't think you need to "grow" it looks like you're already there! It's lovely.

  3. Thank you Amanda! I love you too!!!! Meg, thanks, I really love what I am pouring myself into!!!