Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekly Garden Update-week 6

blackberries looking good.. beautiful blueberries

Green bell shooting up.. the other green bell is quite discolored(and one of my zucchini squash too-kinda sad today because of it)not sure why..hoping it turns around soon. My SIL said it could be from under watering or over watering. So my q is how do I know to water them just right? hmmm waiting on the answer from my BIL who's a master gardener.

my bebe zucchini squash-Yes I love them.. Cherry tomato's growin' strong

Strawberry gettin' ready...wondering why there's only one and its so small. Should I pick it, wash it,cut in into Fourths, and us all have a nibble??!!? Doesn't seem right for such a small dude. I should look into fertilizer of some sort.

On Earth day we purchased another bell pepper plant(yellow bell) and to the far right it's acorn squash..not sure what to do with that but we'll see in 80 days. ha.

Everything is looking superb. Now to move closer to becoming a farmer in suburbia (in some sense of the word), we will soon be building a chicken coop. We are getting some chickens. In our back yard. Yes we are. I will elaborate on that in an upcoming post, I am excited.



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