Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weekly Garden Update

Weekly Update:

Top picture is cherry tomato plant and bottom is clintro, spectacular so far. Both grown from seeds!:)

Closer picture of cherry tomato plant..can you tell I am proud!?!

Not sure how this happened but looks like a tomato seed found its way in the strawberry pot..good b/c it doesn't look like this strawberry plant is growing 4.5 weeks later..

Squash Zuchini lookin' Fab...

We have 2 Bell pepper stalks growing, making good progress!

Rosemary on the left, and lemon thyme on the right

Plump tomatos growing bigger by the week! Excited to harvest these!

Everything is growing great! It's amazing to see the changes in growth one week makes. Watching each plant grow is really quite neat. We went to Boggy Creek Farm in Austin, TX recently with our homeschooling group and it was so awesome we bought a few more plants. Pictured above you see, a new strawberry plant(that is green and has a flower), rosemary, thyme, and a couple pretty annual flowers to pot. We also have fertilized our blackberry vine, blueberry plant, and tomatoes from the education we gained from our farm trip. I need a bumper sticker that says, " I love gardening!"


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