Monday, May 9, 2011

Change Starts Now..

Some weeks ago I attended a meeting where the speaker who is also a homeschooling mom shared her experience as an practicing polyface farmer. It was such a educating experience, one that inspired, encouraged me, and ignited the dormant passion already in my heart.

My husband and I started changing some of the foods we eat last year when we started buying organic milk, eggs, more ground turkey less ground meat, non high fructose bread made with whole grains, more fresh produce and less can goods and processed foods. After watching Food Inc., we are motivated more than ever to make bigger changes in our eating habits. It is more expensive yes, but when you have diet coke, or candy in your fridge or pantry, or find yourself eating out regularly(*cough*) its worth cutting out those things to budget in healthier eating. I realize it's not possible to go all organic at once or for bigger families who are on a budget to afford it, but I am also on a budget, and we are learning as we go and it's taken awhile for us to get to this point. This is after all our first year starting a vegetable garden, and intend to expand in our gardening efforts from this point on to help in our efforts in a healthier lifestyle.

Listening to Brie share about her experience as a polyface farmer(click on red above for info on what polyface farming is) was very enlightening. She shared both video's I've posted below in her presentation that defiantly get a person to really think about where our food really comes from. That's the thing too, is how often does the average person really think about where their beef, chicken, eggs, milk, come from? How they are processed, and as Food Inc. mentions, why there is rising salmonella outbreaks in things like eggs, and peanut butter? HMMM..its defiantly worth thinking about.

I am not a Dr., Dietitian, or Nutritionist, but I do know Making small steps to change the foods one eats lead to larger better consequences, in appearance, lifestyle, and most importantly ones health. As a person who fights against Type 1 Diabetes, management of this aggravation(Diabetes) centers around the food I eat-limited carbohydrates, fresher and cleaner foods help too. So when we started our garden it was a step in a better lifestyle direction for our family.

Inspired by Brie who started with a few backyard laying hens; we decided that our next DIY project will be to build a chicken coop, and start with about 4 laying hens. I literally spend about 12-15$ dollars every week(give or take a few days) on buying 3 dozen organic eggs that we 'fly' through quickly because of the amt of eggs we eat. We will spend some $, which I look at as a great investment for our family, to have our own happy organic fed chickens giving us fresh eggs! I can't wait for my children to share in the experience of caring, feeding, gathering eggs from "our girls."

If you are interested in learning more about Brie and her experience as a polyface farmer, check out her website They also have market days where they sell their fresh organic meat and eggs.

Food Inc Is a must see...

All this talk about food gets me hongry. Off to eat carrot sticks from my garden. haha.. Just kidding, I didn't grow carrots, but I will munch on some I bought at the store.
Happy Monday!

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