Sunday, May 8, 2011

DIY Refinishing Our Kitchen Cabinets

So we got the itch to redo our Ol' kitchen cabinets one day(6 days after my husbands major surgery...yeah won't ever do that again!-whew tough on a person!).

The project started April 26, and ended like today with my hubby painting the floor trim to the bottom cabinets. All I have to say is it WASN'T a 3 Day JOB DIY NETWORK! haha! Those stinkin' commercials make it look so quick and fun to redo your cabinets. UHHH the only smiling I did was when we first started which lasted 10 minutes into the deglossing step, and when it was complete. Well, I take that back, I smiled most of the time my Man, and Dad did a great job together.

The bright side is we spent 80$ on the kit that did the entire kitchen, 40$ on the cabinets that go over the range micro(yeah didn't realize we didn't have the right cabinets until we already bought the micro so we had to fix it!), and 250$ on the over-the-range microwave. We saved a thousand or more dollars by DIY and spent Roughly 370$ for what looks like a brand new kitchen. Not too shabby if I do say myself! We are so happy with how it turned out! So here she is the before... and AFTER!


Ready for a change because mama no likey.



Fantastic eh?! LOOOOVE! Big Shout out to my Husby- thank you for all you do! AND my Dad who did a huge portion of this project! Love you DAD, you ROCK!

Happy Creating on a budget! :)


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