Monday, May 23, 2011

Garden Update week 10

Well folks we are starting to harvest some of the fruits of our labor.

I have recently harvested our first bell and in the picture you can see the second one getting ready to be picked soon. I have found lots of little baby bell buds that have fallen into the soil, further examination leads me to conclude that little hands are the cause of that. Between my dog and little kiddies I have learned I need to build a guard around our garden.

We have tasted some of the blackberries and boy they are sour babies. My rosemary and lemon thyme is great and we used some in our chuck roast from the farmers market last Thursday and it was fantastic. The cherry tomatoes will be ready for picking soon; there are about 15 almost there and close to 20 blooms on the plant. Its soo neat. My squash zucchini isn't doing as good as hoped! My dog has run through the raised bed and almost ripped some of it apart. The few that were growing have fallen off. I have been using this orange oil stuff to ward off the alphids that have now started getting my cilantro plant. Buggers.

Gardening is fun and hard, I love it can't wait to make better changes for next year.


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