Sunday, May 8, 2011

Garden Update Week 8

What a great experience the vegetable gardening has turned out to be. It is time consuming for sure, frustrating most definatly, but the best thing that has now become a passion. We are one step closer to becoming Urban backyard Farmers! HA! For Real though. I look forward to expanding my garden (and Urban Farmer ways in the nearer future->chickens!) when next year's planting season starts.

This is the healthiest of the zucchini which have really starting producing. I am saddened because one of the container zucchini's is nearly dead-it's labeled in a picture below as "trying to save this one." I am determined to get some produce from my first year's attempt at gardening so I transferred the zuch's to the raised bed. My tomatoes are fabulous, and cilantro too. Blackberries are riping but the durn lizard snakes keep getting them before I do. UGH!

So my healthy love for gardening has moved from containers to a small raised bed. Hmmmmm... Hoping the cucumbers do well in our TX heat. I heard they are water hogs sooo I will be watering more than normal. Ehh watering gives me an excuse for more staring at my beauties.

We have already started using the cilantro, and goodness it is fabulous.

Great blueberries!

Great gardening tip thanks to Amy G, always tear away the small sprouts of leaves from the base of the tom plant so it doesn't take away nutrients from the top. That's NEAT right?! I love learning better ways to take care of my plants.

One of my 3 tomato plants grown from seeds this one has baby tomatoes on it. I am sooo proud, for it is by far the best looking of all!

The lemon thyme, and rosemary have been faithfully growing well from the beginning so that makes me happy. Thank God for SOME low maintenance plants, geez. I look forward to updating on my nurturing the sick zucchini, and seeing if my strawberry plant will survive too, its barley hangin' on too. Gardening is tough, but like I said I love it!

Happy Gardening!


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