Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Backlot Tour Fun at Disney World

Here is a short video of me at Hollywood Studios at Disney World. For the Backlot tour I volunteered for a short movie experience for the entire tour group. The three other girls and I dressed in this wet suit attire, and they told us each of our acting position. They told us we may get a little wet, as you can see where the set takes place, it's a likely assumption a splash or two would occur.

I had my own shining moment sitting in the chair acting as a mechanic, all I had to do was answer the phone and act like I am talking. All I had to do was NOT look left. So when they said, "role, action" I pick up the phone and do what I was told to do. This is what happened.

I was so famous for 5 minutes. not. haha. It was super fun. They played back the video for all to see how it all comes together. The other girls got splashed on the boat they were on from "bombs" falling from "above airplanes." We so didn't know they planned on bombing us with water. Good Times. Just another awesome memory in our trip to WDW. :)


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