Friday, June 10, 2011

Dormant Desires Ignited to Life

This is my brother and I around 1994 on our 50 acre farm.
We had chickens, pigs, a horse at one point(I think we had rabbits for a short time too; seems like a fuzzy memory), dogs, cats to catch the field mice, and cows, which I had one I named one molly. Every year we would kill a pig and have a feast for Christmas, it was a puerto rican tradition. My stepmother loved animals and the farm life. These are some of the greatest memories I hold as a child. This year being my first year homeschooling and attending a meeting in particular where Brie talks about her farm life experience brought me back to a lot of these memories. My new found love for gardening, and our desire to have chickens in our urban backyard. I am giddy about it really. Embracing what I know God has called me to do as a mother, has brought out other desires which were already lying dormant in my heart for so long.

Gathering eggs every morning from the chicken coop taught me some responsibility. Filling up the feed trough for the pigs, bottle feeding calf's, watching my mom pluck feathers from a chicken we would eat for dinner that night were all apart of farm livin'. I will never forget the retched smell of a chicken being dipped in boiling water. yuck. We would even incubate eggs and I would watch baby chicks hatch and over time grow. I had a baby chick that I loved dearly. I dont know why I actually thought it was a pet, it ran like fire on dry hay from me every time I wanted to hold it. I even buried it and sang a song for a funeral ceremony I held for it from when our weeny dog Gida who ate part of it. Ahhh the walk down memory lane, gotta love it.

Soon we will be getting our chickens, which I am so excited about. We have eaten some of things we've grown in our small garden, we have slowly started eating healthier over the last year, and I will be continuing schooling my children in our home which I am so proud of. What a blessing this is from the Lord really. We are exactly where we are supposed to be as a family. I thank God for reminding me of it, especially as I write this. It can be easy to get caught up in the daily grind of life, wishes, hopes, dreams, obstacles to get over individually and together as a family. But in the grander picture, we are blessed, and as we seek our King those hope, dreams, wishes, and obstacles will be taken care of. Living in the NOW is the way to do it! Thinking back to the little girl in these pictures I know that was such a blessed time in my life. It is awesome how these memories will now be my children's memories and experiences; maybe not on 50 acres, with tons of animals yet, but hey, I use what I have and do what I can for the now. They love to help water our plants well not always do they love watering but they will thank me later, going to the farmer's market is a treat, and soon gathering eggs will be something will love or sometimes really dislike doing. ha!

Here is a funny picture of chicken, John, and I and yes I am wearing Urkle shorts and house shoes.
Laugh. Laugh.
Best. times. ever.

Cheers to Jesus and his redeeming transforming love, Chickens and backyard farming. Our coop is done and we are getting ready to start painting it, as soon as we get back from our family vaca! Be ready it's friggin' awesome.


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