Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Wait is Over and The Chicken Adventures Begin

Last April we started talking about getting chickens in our backyard.

Last month our chicken coop was built.

Today we brought home 6 baby chicks which were born yesterday 6/29/2011. Our day old chicks are split between 2 Americana, 2 Cochin, 2 Speckled Sussex. They are super adorable. My kids were ecstatic to see little baby chicks. Well so was I. Arriving at the Farm Supply my intention was to get only 4; we left with 6. We only planned on having 6 chickens total.

I so look forward to this new adventure! We are keeping them in the box they came in for the next few weeks. My friend Erin and I were talking about the heat lamp, and

she said, "Don't put the lamp directly on the chicks, they'll bake."

I then said, "yeah because they'll turn into chicken nuggets." Good laughs.

Next week we will get 3 layer hens to already have egg production. I've been told that when the babies get bigger we will have to introduce them slowly to the other hens because the layers could beat em' up. I will try my best to do what I can to make the transition easy when we get to that point.

So that means we will have a freshly painted -ready to move the hens in- coop early next week. Yay! Our coop would have been painted already if it weren't 100+ degree weather here in TX.

So tonight we paint some more... And look at the chicks again. And again. And hold em.

Signed- the lady who has 6 chicks and will have 9 chickens total. Whaaaat! So much for just starting with 4. Tweeet!


  1. The chicks are very photogenic. The kids are always good looking. Do they like their new home at the Chicken Chateau? No gourmet food Naomi! LOL! M and N

  2. Wishing you a wonderful chicken experience :)