Monday, June 6, 2011

Week 13 Garden Update

A few cherry tomatoes, more bell peppers, budding cherry tomatoes in the raised bed garden, and ripening blueberries!!! I ate a blueberry and it was so goood!
The heat here is furocious.. And i have needed to water more often.
Looking forward to preparing a bigger garden soon.



  1. beautiful photos, I really like the first photo, very artistic!

    we had problems with watering at first, in So. Ca the weather gets pretty hot, we finally set up a couple of soak-er hoses set on low, this seems to work.

    good luck with your garden!

  2. Love your garden pics!! Everything looks so healthy despite the heat. I'm ashamed of the sad state of my prob won't see any pics of it on my blog ;) I had fun last night too! Just what I needed! I haven't been this encouraged in so long! And I think I might be a used curriculum fair junkie...