Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chicken Run, Run, Run

My Pops finished painting the coop and constructing the chicken run last weekend! The colors of our coop are indeed wild and bright(and the colors picked don't really go together according to some) but we love it. The run is really great because there is tons of space for chicken dirt baths. I intend on putting a tub out there filled with dirt to especially accommodate their chicken nature in that way. It feels even more real that we can soon put our chickens in their home built out of love!

With how big the coop is inside and a big run I could easily have more than 7 chickens. Oh yeah, we helped give some friends the push they needed to get into raising chickens and traded 3 of our chicks for Farmer's Market peaches; Delana and I are official crop sharers(NERDS :). I was kinda overwhelmed with the fact I had 10 chicks, and now I can't wait to add 3 back..or more..ha..haha.

Eventually I will learn how to butcher chickens. I am brave enough, I think. Something about butchering the ones we've named seems a little wrong so we'll see when we get to that point. I may raise a whole other clan for eggs and eventual consumption. I am not sure yet. For now, we are full blown chicken raising and I am SO happy!

Our girlies are doing well growin' away! The Americana's (2 weeks today) are getting their tail feathers and as of today jumped out of their tub so we have to figure something out pretty quickly. Our Silkie(1 week) girlies are still small as can be, but their feathers are peeking out, as well as the Cochin(2 weeks), and cutie Australorps(1 week). They truly are a joy to watch, their nature to roost on a small piece of wood, peck and scratch, and their little chick stretches are super cute. I took them out to explore a little outside by 2's and it was super funny they had no clue what to do for a good 4 minutes, then started pecking at ants.

Lovin' this new experience and embracing all that goes with this adventure, even the stinky smell. The kids do well with helping to change the water, and making sure feed is full. They really love the chicks too.

I am grateful to my Dad for all his hard work on this coop and run for us. Thank you, You Rock Pops!

Chicken Lovin' Lady


  1. Yay!!! I lost all my hens and my new chickies too to predators last week. Very sad time. I guess we will make a chicken run too, and get another batch. Brie from Fresh Pastures in Taylor will let you come slaughter chickens with her. Quite the experience.
    Countdown to eggs!

  2. So sorry to hear about your chickens! How many did you have? You went to Brie's farm and slaughtered a chicken? Are u wanting to do that in the future yourself after the exp? I am hoping to make a trip there soon.