Friday, July 8, 2011

Justin and Naomi + 10... (chickens that is)

We added 4 new chicks. I think I may have over done it by 3 chicks. But I couldn't help it. For SOME reason I think each breed needs to be in 2's. So now we have 10 chicks. Uhhhh. I am trying to maybe give 3 to a friend who is also getting some backyard chickens. I am not sure if we are even allowed chickens in our backyard in our city so I don't want to push it.

SO here below are 2 black Austalorps, and below that are 2 Silkies. I am in love.

I can only conclude my adding 4 baby chickens to our 6 is a result of the baby fever I have. :)
They make me happy. BUT I will not have more than 10 chickens. NO SIR.

The Chicken Lady

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