Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Roosting = Chillen

I went to grab laundry out of the dryer and saw Tigris just a chillen on the rim of the girlies bin. As soon as she was done she just flew back in the bin. Super cuteness!!
Time to put a screen of some sort over the top.. Ehhh..or not. I may enjoy seeing more roosting.



  1. Bet they've all flown the box by now--if not, give them a few days! Once they discover freedom they can't be contained ;)
    Btw, I might have told you this but we put our babies outside in the coop (the big girls are not in the coop). They LOVE it! They have the best time running and scratching up the shavings. They've handled the heat just fine.
    Love your chicken pics--SO cute!!


  2. oh so cute! I miss the chick stage, our girls are about 4 years old now...not so cute...!