Monday, July 11, 2011

Backyard Bible Club

Last week some neighbors down yonder stopped by and invited us over to join their 2nd annual VBS at their home. I appreiciated the invite and went even though I didn't know them at all. My children really enjoyed the experience. I did too.

There were teens from their church who shared the story of Noah's ark and how he obeyed God's will for him. They told the kids what sin meant and gave the individual bandana bracelets so when they looked at it, they would be reminded to make wise choices. They played games and had a snack. I was impressed by the teens who served the younger children in a Godly way. It was a great example for my kids to see older kids who love and serve our Heavenly Father talking about God and his son Jesus. When we left Graysen was repeating the 3 things that define sin so he could win a prize at tomorrow's VBS. ; )


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