Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week 17 Garden Update

My cherry tomato plants have exploded! We have been enjoying tons of yummy tomatoes. I really love watching the small fruit ripen on my window seal. There really is nothing like eating veggies, fruit, salad, that is home/farm grown; tastes sensational!
My bell peppers are doing well. We have eaten several bells and there are more flower blooms for more. Suprisingly through the extreme heat and drought the bell peppers, japalenos, cherry tomatoes, rosemary, thyme have hung on!
One thing I have changed is when we water, we do it in the evening. Seems to be the best way yet.

Oh I almost forgot, a cucumber plant has come back to life and has small blooms on it. Whoa. Sweeet! Hope it hangs on too.


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