Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Friend With MANY Benefits!

There is so much information on kefir and it's benefits online and what I found listed below spoke volumes to me. Seems that bits and pieces from so many sites are complied and shared on the Kefir Grain Source website. The list provided are testimonials and not hard core scientific proven facts; from people who have experienced the benefits to drinking kefir, all found on the link provided. Experience is often times the best proof needed for anyone getting into something new like kefir. Here are some of the known kefir health benefits found here:

*I picked some of the ones I wanted to post so please disregard the skipping in #numbers. I do know how to count. :)

1.Strongest natural remedy against any allergy
2.Strongest natural antibiotic without side effects
3.Treats liver disease
4.Treats gallbladder, dissolves gall bladder stones
5.Clears the body of salts, heavy metals, radionuclide's, and alcoholic products
6.Cleans the body of chemical antibiotics
7.Treats kidney stones
8.Good bacteria in kefir are able to fight off pathogenic microorganisms
9.Lowers level of LDL cholesterol
10.Cleans the gastrointestinal tract
11.Irritable Bowel Syndrome
12.Treats gastritis
13.Treats pancreatitis
14.Treats ulcers
15.Prevents and treats colon cancer, Improves digestion
17.Improves the body functions, human immune system
19.Cures Candida, hypertension
21.Stops growth of cancer cells
22.Speeds up healing process
23.Treats psoriasis
24.Treats eczema
25.Treats inflammatory diseases
26.Reduces size of tumors
27.Treats heart disease
30.Boosts the bodies energy
31.Natural “feel good” food
32.Treats lung infections
33.Normalizes metabolism thereby can be used as for weight loss
35.Has anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties
40.Balances the microflora of the body’s digestive system
41.Regulates blood pressure
42.Lowers blood sugar, lowers blood lipid levels or cholesterol and fatty acids
44.Treats diarrhea, constipation
46.Promotes bowel movement
47.Anti-stress properties
48.Treats sleeping disorders ,Treats depression
50.Treats attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
51.Improves the brains neuro functions like reflexes, memory retention, attention, the five senses
52.Reduces flatulence
53.Lactic acid fermentation enhances the digestibility of milk based foods. People who cannot otherwise digest milk, can enjoy the vital calcium rich Kefir.
54.Treats yeast infection
55.Eliminates vaginal odors
58.Treats colitis
60.Cures migraines
61.Treats rheumatism
62.Treats other stomach disorders
63.Detoxifies the body
64.Improves protein quality of milk, and enhances absorption and digestion
65.Good bacteria manufacture B vitamins such as B3, B6 and folic acid.
66.Aids in treating tuberculosis
67.Treats stomach cramps
68.Treats chronic intestine infections
70.Treats asthma, bronchitis, sclerosis, anemia, hepatitis
78.Cures bad morning breath

*There is further scientific testing on the health benefits of Kefir, and this site may be helpful for those needing the scientific proof click here

The benefits are truly incredible. Fact is, it is super easy to make and the health benefits are numerous. On day 5 drinking my daily kefir smoothie and I have experienced some benefits listed above which I am certain will only increase as we continue our kefir drinking. The potential health improvements are so great it's worth trying, most definitely dude.

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