Tuesday, August 30, 2011

God's Creation- Kiddie Inspired

Day 1: God created the Heaven's, Earth, and Light

Day 2: God separated the water from the sky

Day 3: God created Land, oceans, and plants

Day 4: God created the sun, moon and stars

Day 5: God created birds, fish, sea creatures

Day 6: God created man

Day 7: He created everything in 6 days then God rested, and said his creation was very good.

Last Tuesday we started learning about creation. We did a craft to go along with what God created on each day. Today we finished and I finally pinned them up on our kitchen wall. Looks great I do say myself!

This has been a great way for the kids to remember how Creation began. I am proud of my munchkins. If you ask them, they will proudly (well Graysen more than Gwynni) tell you the order God created everything!

God is good. ALL the Time! Thing is, homeschooling isn't peachy all the time. Plans don't always go according to schedule, some days are dedicated to character training(ahem-W! :), sick days, dentist appts, others can be days to catch up. When we have a victorious day or week, it's important to celebrate and bask in fact that something (other than mandatory academics) was completed with JOY. I share this experience with joy and thank God that even though we are still tryin' (not givin' up)to figure out(shouldn't be this hard, should it!?) MathUsee's place value concept(which bring back headaches from my high school days-ugh); we accomplished something that is valuable today, another reminder and appreciation for God's creation.


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