Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm Crazy For Kefir!

Not Kiefer Sutherland Silly peps!(image from yahoo)

Kefir made from Kefir Grains is what I am crazy for! It has only been 4 days since we began this adventure and I can say I am happy to share what I am learning and experiencing with anyone who is interested in an easy way to start improving your health.

Big Thank you to Christina for sharing your kefir grains with me!

I have done tons of research on Kefir in the last week or so and I am amazed at all the health benefits kefir (pronounced ke-fear) offers. It is the easiest thing to make and its packed with tons of probiotics and is similar in taste to plain yogurt. It looks like a cauliflower gelatin glob. Kefir grains are live cultures made up of yeast and bacteria, fermented in raw or organic milk. Placed in a glass jar, the kefir grains are then covered with organic milk, stirred once or twice over the time 'it's doin' it's thang', stored in a dark cabinet and ferments for 12-48 hours. Once it is to the consistency desired, the grains are filtered through a plastic strainer and the end product is a smooth packed with probiotics drink called kefir. Then you just repeat the steps for another kefir batch the next day. One the coolest things is, if taken care of properly the grains will last for LIFE, and keep multiplying, so you can share with friends or family.

Seems like there are kefir fanatics out there who come up with many ways kefir can be consumed. I, however new to this whole thing cannot drink it plain. Maybe one day. My family and I have been enjoying a kefir smoothie each morning for breakfast made up of:

blueberries or strawberries




3 T ground flax seed

ice/a little water

pinch of salt to balance out the zesty bold taste of the kefir

My hopes in this new experience is that this becomes a lifestyle habit. It is imperative to instill in my children the importance of a healthy lifestyle. I am happy to say we are on the road to healthy. I look forward to discovering more about Kefir and its benefits.


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