Friday, September 23, 2011

Chicks Rule!

This week our chicks are 3 months old. Hard to believe we've raised them since they were one day old. This has been a fun adventure for sure. We should be getting our first eggs in November when girls are about 18-20 weeks old.

Each morning we let them out of the run to free range in the backyard. As soon as the girls see us, they run to us because they know we give them good scraps and they get out to explore. Sometimes I sit outside drinking my morning coffee watching the girls all over the backyard. I just love watching the growing chicks. One of my favorite things the girls do is dirt bathing. A nice spot is found where there's plenty of dirt, then proceed to dig and roll around flinging dirt over themselves. I have a video of Coco bathing when she was a few weeks old. The natural instincts of the chicken is rather interesting and fun to watch.

Hazel (cochin) the golden chick is one of my favorites. She's seems to be the friendliest as far as letting me hold her and she seems to get comfortable enough to sit on my lap. Funny because when I was a kid I would chase the chickens to try and catch one but they didn't like being held. She also bawks like shes really saying something. We all think shes a lumpy, cute chick.

We wonder who is going to be the top chicken, we think it may be one of the Aracananas. We shall see. Our flock is kinda big at 9 chickens but we look forward to the nice harvest of eggs we will get. The girls seem to be happy, and my kids love their pet chicks.
Life is good at the Simank urban backyard farm.

Until next update-



  1. They are getting so big!! They look like real chickens now! I love your chickens and I've never met them!


  2. I love your updates about your garden and chickens! I can't believe how big they've gotten. I think I found your blog a while back through a diabetes blog... then you started blogging about your garden - I love gardening. I just have a small patio and try to do the best of what space I have. Hoping one day for a backyard. :-) Take care! - a fellow T1. :-)

    - LO

  3. Thanks Wendy, I look fwd to your family coming to meet our chicks.

    Thank you Lindsey, I haven't gardened recently b/c of the scortching heat. I hope to prepare for a bigger garden fairly soon. It really is fun.
    Yeah-I started blogging in efforts to help myself cope with T1 Diabetes. But my blog has turned into smthg more than that. I am still trying to get a better handle on the 'betes.
    Hoping to crank out an update blog about the diabetes pretty soon. :)