Monday, September 12, 2011

Pioneer Farm Day

Last Friday we went to Pioneer Farms with our homeschooling group. What a fun adventure this was! The kids and I enjoyed it very much.

Pioneer Farms is a historic museum on 90 acres, where people get a look into what life was like back in the 1800's. Everyone there was dressed in attire representing the time period and there are enactments all around the farm depicting the era of the early settlers. There are 5 areas on the farm which go more in depth about the history. My kids loved the area of the farm where there were bebe donkeys, a couple rabbits, chickens(of course), and cows. There was an area where a person was demonstrating his blacksmith skills, a little girl was making and selling her corn husk dolls(cannot wait to set up a day where we make some of our own for a craft day!), a woman sewing, and children leading a game of, The Farmer in the Dell.

Below are some pictures I captured with my phone which hardly give justice to the beauty of this place. I cannot wait to go back to Pioneer Farms.

Graysen and our friend Lorelei cute as can be!

Just a glance at the open field close to the entrance of the farm.

Friends sitting as we get started with our adventure. Where to go first!!?

Graysen in front of an old slaughter house.

LOVE. This.

"The Farmer and the Dell, hi ho the derry oh, the farmer and the dell."

Blacksmith showing us how they make a knife.

My favorite picture of this little girl with her creation of corn husk dolls.

There was so much to experience that we didn't get to see it all in the few hours we were there. We are planning to go back soon. I really want to take time and go more in depth with Graysen learning about life back in the pioneer days, and hopefully because this place is super cool we can set up a time to volunteer at Pioneer Farms. Hands on learning is the BEST!!


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